途中、ドラマーのToshiが加入し3ピースバンドとして 都内ライブハウスにて活動。

G&Vo Miyukiが海外での別プロジェクト『megababe』に参加の為、 2003年より活動休止。



2013年6月カナダ、トロントのフェスティバル『Norty By Northeast』に参加。


同年10月にはVo&GuitarのMIYUKIがsoloにてカナダ、トロント『indie week Canada2013』、

2014年4月アメリカ、フィラデルフィア、ランカスター『Launch Music Conference2014』に参加。


RoundFace is Japanese sentimentalism rockn’ roll band. Guitarist/Vocalist Miyuki as frontwoman began giging in Tokyo since 2001. Sweet voice and very loud sounds. They have a show in Tokyo, Japan. Please check it out, just now. Round Face’s first full-length CD “Sweetberry” is the most sentimentalism Rock’n’ roll album. Catchy songs and sweet voice,but crunchy guitar sound,and exciting beat of rock. Singer and guitarist ”Miyu” loves 60-70’s rock . She is eager to express old-school rock sound and sentimentalism. The grand plan has been realized at last. Miyu is Japanese rock guitarist,singer,from Tokyo,Japan. She play the guitar,sing a song, write a song for solo-works and rock. She played at North by Northeast 2013 in Canada Toronto on June 2013 She’d like to get a opportunity of play overseas. She have solo-works,too. It’s acoustic rock style. Please check the acoustic songs out. 〜Miyu’s Past information,participated in Festivals,tours~ ・North by Northeast2013,Toronto,Canada(Band) ・indie week Canada,Toronto,Canada2013(Solo) ・Kansai Music Conference,Osaka,Japan2013(Solo) ・Kansai Music Conference,Osaka,Japan2011(Band) ・North by Northeast,Toronto,Canada 2007(Band) ・Canadian Music Week,Canada 2006(Band) ・Rock girl Music conference,Seattle,US 2005(Band) ・US&Canada tour2005(Band) ・Woman In Rock,Austin,US 2003(Band) ・music fest nw,Portland,US2003(Band) ・US tour,East coast and West Coast,2003&2004(Band)

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